Welcome to my web site!

Welcome to my web-site!

I’m a legal academic specialising in creating solutions to legal problems based on understanding their historical context, utilising the tools of good governance, free market economics and faith based solutions. The goals behind much of my research are to tackle poverty, address fraud and corruption and create better relationships.

I’m an Associate Professor and former Head of the Law Department at Bournemouth University and a Visiting Professor of Law in the School of Management and Social Sciences at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London. You can find out more about me – my qualifications, speaking, writing, consultancy, recognitions and awards – by going to About Dr Stephen F. Copp

My main research themes currently are:

The purpose of this web site is to communicate and provoke debate. The web site includes full text abstracts, articles and papers written (or co-written) by me. I welcome contact from others interested in these themes.

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