Books, book contributions and conference proceedings

Copp, S.F. (ed.) (2008) The Legal Foundations of Free Markets (London: Institute of Economic Affairs), contributed Chapter 1 The Legal Foundations of Free Markets and Chapter 8 Limited Liability and Freedom [ISBN 978 0 255 36591 8]. For a review by Professor Andrew P. Morriss of University of Illinois, US, in The Independent Review 14(4), Spring 2010, see Here is a video of me explaining the book at the IEA, video.

Copp, S.F. (2005) Company law and cod-liver oil in Newland, B. et al (ed.) Enhancing Graduate Employability: The roles of learning, teaching, research and knowledge transfer, 10th May 2005, pp. 32 – 38 (Poole: Learning Design Studio, Bournemouth University)

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Copp, S.F. (2000) Developing a Relationally Based Law of Contract – a Question of Good Faith? in Christian Perspectives on Law and Relationism eds. Beaumont, P. & K. Wotherspoon (Carlisle: Paternoster Press) pp. 53 – 92 [ISBN 0-85364-994-4]

Copp, S.F. (1998) A Christian Vision for Corporate Governance. This was first published as Chapter 5 in Christian Perspectives on Law Reform ed. Beaumont, P. (Carlisle: Paternoster Press) pp. 105 – 154 [ISBN 0-85364-852-2]

Copp, S.F. & A. Thomas (1988) Becoming a Director – What You Need To Know (Deloitte, Haskins + Sells) [ISBN 0 86349 109X]