Company Law History

Interdisciplinary PhD research: law, history and economics

The Early Development of Company Law in England and Wales: Values and Efficiency

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Copp, S.F. (ed.) (2008) The Legal Foundations of Free Markets (London: Institute of Economic Affairs), contributed Chapter 1 The Legal Foundations of Free Markets and Chapter 8 Limited Liability and Freedom [ISBN 978 0 255 36591 8]. For a review by Professor Andrew P. Morriss of University of Illinois, US, in The Independent Review 14(4), Spring 2010, see Here is a video of me explaining the book at the IEA, video.

Academic conference, professional education and workshop papers

Copp, S.F. (2004) The Origins of Limited Liability in England and Wales Revisited delivered to the Relational Finance Group (Linklaters, Solicitors, London) Abstract

Copp, S.F. (2000) Early Company Law in England: Is It Consistent With Economic Theory? delivered at the SPTL Company Law Section Workshop, SPTL Conference, University College London (London) Abstract

Book reviews

Copp, S.F. (2001) An Economic and Jurisprudential Genealogy of Corporate Law by Whincop, M.J. 12 International Company and Commercial Law Review 326 – 327 [ISSN 0958 – 5214]