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“An incredibly talented song writer, we’re so grateful that he’s shared this with us” (Blandford Literary Festival commenting on Facebook about Plymouth Trawler”)


My music is as varied as the moods of the sea. Light and humorous, as with Seagull I Miss You; sometimes dark, reflected in Queen of the Seas; at other times mischievous and playful exemplified by I Turn to the Sea …. The song Plymouth Trawler is based on my family’s maritime heritage, the loss of one woman’s hopes and dreams, my own great grandmother. It can be found by clicking on to my you tube channel. The sad influence of the covid crisis has not been neglected in my song writing and is powerfully portrayed in Nightingale, which speaks movingly of the bravery and tragedy of individual lives devastated by events beyond their control.


I usually perform solo, I like to think I've a strong mellow voice, in the company of one of my beloved acoustic and electro acoustic guitars. I like finger picking most but when I strum I'm known to really let rip, especially on a rowdy traditional Cornish pub song! My favoured place to perform will always be a cosy Dorset pub, preferably in the company of other folkies.

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